KillerofGaming's Staff Application

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KillerofGaming's Staff Application

Post by KillerofGaming on Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:55 am

Hello. My name is Brodan or KillerofGaming and i like this server and i want to help out on the server.


Date you joined the server: July 24 2015

If you have Skype: Yes. But ill private message to someone I trust only

What would make you a good choice: I'm not on the server all the time. But ill do what I can (If I abuse and you demoted me I will not argue)

Have you ever been a staff member?: No. this is my first time

and How would you use your powers for said staff postion: Helping people, Banning/and Muting spammers, hackers, and more.

Thank you for looking at my staff application Smile


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