ImEzCheesy's Staff Application

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ImEzCheesy's Staff Application

Post by ImEzCheesy on Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:11 pm

Age: I am 13 years old and will be turning 14 in October.
Date you joined the server: I joined this server on 7/31/15 so I'm parley new, but not to this sort of community.
If you have Skype: Yes I indeed do it is Creitman1025
What would make you a good choice: Well I have always enjoyed helping others and putting them before me, I have also always loved being something better than just a player, I also am a very good student in school and even though im in 8th grade i'm taking 9th grade classes. but finally to me its just all about putting a smile on someones face Very Happy
Have you ever been a staff member? yes I have, I have been staff on both MattPlaysMC's server and CowKing001's server.
and How would you use your powers for said staff position: I would definitely use them Respectfully and Responsibly, I would also never abuse my powers or use them to cause mayhem or harm to this server.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my staff app <3


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