Shawnpippin100's application

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Shawnpippin100's application

Post by Shawnpippin100 on Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:57 pm

Age:Currently I'm 13years old
Date you joined the server:8/6/15

If you have Skype:Yes I do, It's Shawnpippin100

What would make you a good choice: You should choose me over other people because I'm kind I enjoy helping other people, I'm a 'good' builder.Just because I'm staff doesn't mean I'm "Better" than other people.I'm very active I'm either on Minechat or PC.I'm on everyday.I have good gammar

Have you ever been a staff member? Yes I've owned a server I've also been Helper-Mod-Admin.

and How would you use your powers for said staff postion:I would never abuse my power, To ban I would always ask a higher rank what I should do, I would always have proof.I'd always be nice to other people.I would never break the rules.I would also make everyone follow the rules, I wouldn't let a friend not get punished if he broke the rules.


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