Staff Application Formats: In-Game AND On Forum

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Staff Application Formats: In-Game AND On Forum

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:04 pm

TD;LR: The formats for staff apps Wink

Here they all are! The general staff app is for applying for Helper or mod. So here they are!
For an Helper or Mod spot, you need to place the following.
Date you joined the server:
If you have Skype:
What would make you a good choice:
Have you ever been a staff member?
and How would you use your powers for said staff postion:

Forum Manager:
For a Forum Manager spot, put the following down.
Date you joined the FORUMS:
If you have Skype:
What makes you a good forum moderator:
How can we trust you with the forums?

Upgrading from blank -> blank:

Don't try. These applications will ALWAYS be denied and locked/deleted.

What NOT to do:
Here's a TERRIBLE example of a staff application.

hello, my ign is BlackManDie41 and i want op bcus I've been playing mincarft for 2 years

Everything wrong with this staff app:
Never put an Age.
His IGN is BlackManDie41.. I'm sorry but with names like that, we will deny EVERY staff app that you put. Nothing racist or "bad time references" in your IGN, please.
He wants op. We NEVER give out op. At most we give a moderator rank. Just right there he would be denied.
"bcus" "ign" "i" "mincarft" This person has no capitalization, punctuation, or spelling. We can NOT accept this kind of app.
Any kind of these will be deleted.

So that's what NOT to do, alright! Stay professional!


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